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Belief in Apollo hoax conspiracy could grow


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17 minutes ago, ChrLzs said:

Tag.  (NEIAC, I'll send you the secwut password, and once you have paid your admittance fee, you're in.)

Derek, I'll ask AGAIN - what NOW is your BEST supported evidence for fakery?

And please clarify - will the free book be exactly the same as the current one, ie include the now abandoned / unsupported claims of 'John'?  And if so, why did you earlier refer to reformatting/revision?


In # 1055 I said I am having the manuscript REFORMATTED. That is because the formatting for an Amazon paperback has to be somewhat different to that of an Amazon kindle. I did not say I am carrying out a REVISION. 

So why have you used the phrase "reformatting/revision"?

The text of the paperback will be exactly the same as the text of the ebook.

So why are you suggesting it won't be? 

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