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4,500-year-old cemetery found near Giza

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"A 4,500-year-old cemetery has been discovered southeast of the famous Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced this morning (May 4).

"Several tombs and burials were discovered in the cemetery, with one of the oldest tombs holding the remains of two individuals — one named "Behnui-Ka" and another named "Nwi." Their sarcophagi were found intact and their remains are likely inside; however, no information on them has been released. Analysis of the tomb's artifacts and hieroglyphic inscriptions revealed that the two men lived almost 4,500 years ago, during what historians often call the Fifth Dynasty, a time after the Giza Pyramids had been built."

Full report at Live Science: https://www.livescience.com/65409-ancient-cemetery-by-giza-pyramids.html

At Egypt Independent: https://egyptindependent.com/egypts-archaeological-mission-discovers-cemetery-dated-to-the-fifth-dynasty/

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