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Romans built seismic 'invisibility cloaks'


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I wouldn't be surprised.  After all, those guys knew how to pour concrete under water :w00t:

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Critics of this idea however argue that the design may simply be a coincidence.

I'm going with this theory. :)

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I was just there with my wife on our honeymoon 2 weeks ago lol. If I could have only given the guide a lesson of my own lol.

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Not only could they pour concrete under water, they used a formulae that still defies modern understanding. No modern concrete would last as long as the Roman concrete when exposed to salt water.

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The amazing thing is how you worked the term "invisibility cloaks" into the topic.

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On 5/8/2019 at 3:26 AM, UM-Bot said:

A new study has found that the Romans may have used 'metamaterials' to dampen the effects of earthquakes.


I am unimpressed with this article.  While it makes claims, clearly the person who wrote it barely understood what they were being told, or the archaeologists involved were being extremely cagey about their claims (for whatever reasons).  No link or mention to the "study" is included, which is always a big red flag.  We are also given zero technical information about what the materials were made of or how they were used, which should be another pair of red flags.  I can understand if the method of manufacture is unknown, but if it were known it should have been included.  This article falls into the category of unsupported assertion at the moment.  I won't rate this topic just yet, as it might have some legs to it, but presently it isn't impressive.

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