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2019 Achieved Insights on Seismic Activity

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Posted (edited)

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,

Dear Readers,

The semester that is running has been of extreme seismic activity around the world and it is announcing so devastating disasters to occur in critical areas of the planet.

On January 4th-5th of this Year I posted my predictions for 2019 on my personal facebook page, as well as my facebook acount and on January 6th also on this same forum concerning different kind of events, they are based on my extra-sensorial perception of causal lines that are pointing to a non distant future.

 Original Prediction by the Angel of Lightness :
9) Areas on which I expect to see intense volcanic and seismic activity on 2019, with episodes of middle and high magnitudes are going to be: small Antilles of Eastern Caribbean, Central Venezuela, Baja California Peninsula, North western Mexico and Popocateptl Volcano, Central Western Andes of Colombia, western Nicaragua, Eastern Guatemala, Salvador, border between Ecuador and Peru, Border between Chile and Peru, Central Chile, Patagonia Volcanos in Argentina and Chile, Kamchatka Peninsula, Japan Pacific coast, Indonesia( between Celebes and Java), Southern Philippines, Sea between New Guinea and New Caledonia, border between India and Pakistan, border between Iran and Afghanistan, Eastern Turkey and north Greece, Eastern Africa ( Mozambique, east SouthAfrica, North Kenia, border between Ethiopia and Somalia), mid Atlantic ridge between Brazil and Western Africa, mid Atlantic ridge between Norway, Island and Canada, volcanos of Central and Southern Italy. The Amazon tropical basin between Peru, Brazil and Colombia.
Manage10) Concerning seismicity and natural disasters on the USA this is what I perceive: important earthquakes or volcanic activity are not going to remain just only on the Pacific states of Alaska and Hawaii as it happened in 2018. The continental part ofthe country will be touched by middle to strong magnitude earthquakes. I see this on offshore between Washington State and British Columbia, border between Oregon and Washington State, offshores between Oregon and California, and on the Sn Andres failure most likely in between Sn Francisco Bay and Long beach, but also there will be a seismic event between the Salton lake and the Mexican North Baja California and low Colorado River. Among the ones I have already mentioned at least one will reach the scale of Megaquake. It comes to my attention that also the North East coast of the country will be affected by a tsunami event triggered most likely by a middle to strong magnitude earthquake that I perceive is coming from the Atlantic offshore of Canada and mid Atlantic ridge. There is also a high risk to see floods on the Mississippi-Ohio-Missouri basin. Strong Hurricane season coming in late summer and fall specially for the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.


Please check:




I announced among them natural disasters, including  strong earthquakes, some of them even megaquakes as well as floods and volcanic eruptions to occur in this 2019 on many different areas of the world.

So far in less than 5 months the following actual seismic events have matched with meridian precision my forecasts:

Earthquake border between Ecuador-Peru

7.5 Magnitude February 22nd


Ecuador 6.4 Magnitude March 31st


Peru 7.0 Magnitude March 1st


Chile 6.7 Magnitude January 20th


Guatemala-Mexico Border 6.7 Magnitude February 1st


Mexico Popocateptl Volcano Eruption March 18th

Mexico 5.4 Magnitude April 22nd

Brazil 6.8 Magnitude January 5th


Midwestern Floods USA March 2019


Missouri Flooding USA May 7th 2019


For the trend of accuracy my forecasts on seismic and volcanic activity have showed I feel morally obligated to warn here that we are approaching at even faster pace that I originally thought the arrival of megadisasters that few times have been seen in History.

This seismic movements will strike particularly strongly areas of the Mexico and United States on this 2019, and I feel it is urgent to have people already prepared to face these calamities in such a way that they have chance to survive and overcome them.

As I already predicted we are going to see strong earthquakes shaking the Pacific cost of the USA In the border with Canada, border with Mexico, on the border between Oregon and Washington State and on the coast line between Sta Barbara and San Francisco bay.

Mexico will also suffer an extremely strong event which magnitude will be really devastating that will be originated on its Pacific coast and on the proximity of the Popocateptl volcano affecting a lot Mexico city, Guadalajara and other cities in between them.

I feel for Mexico the most critical hours, the one of highest risk to see this earthquake striking will be by the end of June of this year, but even if it takes more time this will strike at some point on the summer season.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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Well what a bundle of fun you are. 

Shame you were not round a few thousand years ago to warn humans about it, Pompeii would have loved you. 

As for your ' predictions ', anyone can do that by just reading the stats


Earth is an active place and earthquakes are always happening somewhere. In fact, the National Earthquake Information Center locates about 12,000-14,000 earthquakes each year! This fact sheet illustrates information on the frequency of earthquakes of various magnitudes, along with details on the effects of earthquakes and the equivalent energy release. On average, Magnitude 2 and smaller earthquakes occur several hundred times a day world wide. Major earthquakes, greater than magnitude 7, happen more than once per month. "Great earthquakes", magnitude 8 and higher, occur about once a year.



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Posted (edited)

Really, anybody?  Please I believe the forum is for serious discussion on psychic activity , in particular on predictions through esp, not for arrogant mockery.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Come on, please be sensate,  if that would be the case we would be listening on todays news the disasters of the next month or so, something evidently is not happening,  and none of these tragedies might have even taking lives and of course Insurance companies had closed activities decades ago. 

Now, if you are able to foresee this too and that is what you wanted to point out why you don't disclose your insights before the events occur as I certainly did on the very first week of this year here with a lot of details and hints? 

I am clearly trying to help people to be prepared on time, not to pull their legs in an irresponsible way.  There is no scientific prediction at all of these kind of events using statistical models. 

There has been no eruption with lava flow from Popocateptl volcano since summer 2016 before this one that we have already seen on 2019,  Ecuador did not have megaquakes since April of 2016 before this one,  and  there has not been any strong earthquake at all what so ever since 1987 in south California, and since 1989 in San Francisco Bay  on the Pacific coast of continental USA and for more than 100 years on the Atlantic coast of Canada on border with USA and that is among my forecasts of January, which statistics are you taking about? 

The Angel of Lightness   



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36 minutes ago, TheAngelofLightness said:

I announced among them natural disasters, including  strong earthquakes, some of them even megaquakes as well as floods and volcanic eruptions to occur in this 2019 on many different areas of the world.

:o Oh my!!! 

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We have earthquakes in Sweden sometimes small ones though. I once woke up and wondered if an AC-5 galaxy army aircraft was flying really really low sounded like thunder and the whole house shook. Scary stuff.

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Thanks for your reply Impedancer,

I am specially concerned with the seismic activity in the south of Europe for this year, with important events on Italy, Balcanic Peninsula and Turkey.

Nevertheless, I also have felt something emerging suddenly from the north Atlantic rift  located at mid distance between Norway and Iceland to the east and Greenland to the west, that is a particularly dangerous area since any strong movement there may trigger a formidable tsunami that can cross in two directions the Ocean and Sweden has coat also on the north sea that can be flooded by it.                   

I also feel that similar risk can come from the earthquake that I am expecting to see in the transition of this 2019 to 2020 on the coast of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands or Labrador Peninsula  in Canada.

My forecasts are not based on statistics of any kind,  the lasts flood like the huge ones we have seen on this last three months on Missouri occurred in 1993.


The Angel of Lightness


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