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Spider Spins Web in Man's Ear

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"A man in eastern China recently visited a hospital with complaints of "a crawling sensation" in his right ear. Upon examination, the doctor found a spider that had really made itself at home.

"The tiny arachnid had spun a web that covered the patient's entire ear canal.

"Dr. Zhang Pan of the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University treated the man, inserting an endoscope into his ear and capturing footage of the eight-legged intruder, which was shared online by Newsflare on May 8. [27 Oddest Medical Cases]"

Full report at Live Science: https://www.livescience.com/65461-spider-spins-web-in-ear.html

At Geek dot com: https://www.geek.com/news/watch-doctor-finds-tiny-spider-spinning-a-web-inside-mans-ear-1787273/

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Why do things like this  happen to people in Asia, this case China? 

The guy was only young, he should use one of these from now on, weekly:


Chances are they are made in China. 

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