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Weitter Duckss

The Processes of Violent Disintegration

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Weitter Duckss

This is the topic that a great majority knows all about everything sees and understands everything, but they is making himself crazy and denies each part.


- does not fit into a lie of religion;

- seeing these evidence means that "scientists" have to stop lying;

- the mass must remain deaf and blind with wash the brains.

Enjoy reading and spitting on all four sides of the world around you. (because of the spell (upon request of religion, otherwise you are threatened by the process of exorcism).


V82019052067 status accepted „International Journal of Sciences

The Processes of Violent Disintegration and Natural Creation of Matter in the Universe

Author: Weitter Duckss
Independent Researcher, Zadar, Croatia

Project: Universe and rotation



This article completes the circle of presenting the process of the constant growth of objects and systems and the topics to complete it consist of the visible matter violent disintegration and its re-creation inside the Universe. A constant process of the visible matter disintegration is presented as the end of the process, the proportions of which are gigantic, and the creation of the visible matter as the beginning of it.

The disintegration of particles disturbs the balance of the Universe's wholeness; despite the enormous loss of the visible matter, the Universe is constantly growing.

After having postponed it for a while, this article discusses the age of objects and the Universe as a consequence of the process of the constant matter growth. The acquired results are completely different from those, offered by the renowned experts of the time.

The articles [3], [4] and [5], with this one, too, make the integral part of the complete circular process of matter growth inside and outside of our Universe.

Keywords: disintegration of matter, particle formation, the age of the Universe


1. Introduction

The goal of the article is to unite the total processes of the constant matter growth inside the Universe, based on the independent research, the use of databases of generally accepted, easily verifiable evidence for the broadest community of readers. This article is a summary of the materials inside the process of the constant matter gathering, with the articles [3], [4] and [5]), due to gravity or the law of universal gravitation.

The disintegration of matter is a process of turning the visible matter into the invisible matter and energy and it exists in the whole of the Universe. The loss of the enormous quantities of matter is replaced with the process of the visible matter constant growth out of the invisible matter inside the space or the whole of the Universe.

The age of the objects is analyzed through the time needed for matter to gather into dust, asteroids (comets) and increasingly larger objects, star systems, galaxies and finally the Universe.

2. The Disintegration of Matter

The existence of the process of disintegration or decomposition of matter is proved inside the small and large particle colliders. If the particles are influenced by the strong percussive force, then atoms (protons, electrons, neutrons) are decomposed after each collision into neutrinos and dark matter (invisible to our instruments).

Only in the process of the Sun's (as the object that emits waves) percussive waves to the atmosphere a significant quantity of matter gets disintegrated  (some 10 000 muons per m2 hits the surface of Earth every minute (the surface of Earth is ‎510 072 000 km²)). [1] 

In the period of 2,20 x 10-6 of a  second, muons are disintegrated into electrons and neutrinos:

μ - → e - + νe + νμ
μ + → + + ν e + ν μ   [2]

A chemical composition of atmosphere (Earth: N2 78,08%; O2 20,95%; Ar 0,934%; CO2 0,0408%; ~1% of vapor) is the first to be exposed to the percussive waves (above 200 km) consisting of the atomic oxygen (O), helium (He) and hydrogen (H) [3]. It can be found out from the chemical composition of the outer atmosphere, which particles muons are created from. These are the particles that are exposed to the percussive waves first. The impact of the waves to the atmosphere (to the particles, the visible matter) also creates light, heat and ionizes particles. [4]

The disintegration of particles also takes place when two objects (asteroids, planets,...) collide.  

There is a significant disintegration of particles when objects fall into fast cyclones and also at fast rotating stars and when stars fall into fast rotating cyclones of the galactic centers. These cyclones are situated on the northern and southern poles of the gas giants, stars and galactic centers.

There is an infinite quantity of particles' collisions in the explosion of a star, percussive values of which are of the higher or even value as those in LHC. These collisions lead to the disintegration of large quantities of the star's mass (the most of its total mass). 

To date it has been discovered (total number until today) just over 400 novae in the Milky Way. [5]

The information about the total quantity of the disintegrated visible matter can be found in the previous article  (or (real data) ~400 x (factor 3) = 1200 x ~100 billion galaxies in the Universe x min. 8 M Sun > 8 493 galaxies of the Milky Way size), an approximately real value of the disintegrated visible matter in the Universe caused by the explosions of stars.

3. A Creation of Visible Matter

That contemporary understanding of the Universe is seriously out of balance can be deducted from the facts of the Universe constantly expanding, gaining mass, from the omnipresent disintegration of the visible matter and the constantly ascending process of matter and system gathering. On one hand, enormous quantities of the visible matter get disintegrated every second, but on the other side, there is a constant growth of the visible matter, through objects and systems.

A disbalance is again noticeable in the following: "A chemical composition of a nebula is quite balanced; a fact which, by the way, follows the general composition of the Universe, which approximately consists of 90 %  of hydrogen atoms and almost all of the rest is helium (~10%) with oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen and other elements, which, put together, make two atoms per one thousand of them". [6]

A chemical composition of stars: (Sun Photospheric composition (by mass): Hydrogen 73.46%, Helium 24.85%, Oxygen 0.77%, Carbon 0.29%, Iron 0.16%, Neon 0.12% …); there is again a significant discrepancy between their chemical compositions and the compositions of the remainders after the explosions of stars and also those of nebulae and the Universe.

Until now it has been discovered a bit more than 400 remainders of super novae in our galaxy (a total number of stars in our galaxy is 200-400 billion), which does not by far match the total mass of 3-5% of interstellar matter in the Milky Way. A chemical composition of nebulae and stars tell us that the explosions of stars significantly reduce the diversity of elements, existing on a star prior to the explosion.

It is very important to say here that the diversity of a chemical composition of stars is significantly lower in the terms of quantity, ratio and complex atoms, than the ones of the objects that are in the orbit of a star.  [3] 

The claims that complex elements are created in the explosions of stars and that they arrived to our planet, without having analyzed the chemical composition of all the objects in our system, are unrealistic. Uneven and different chemical compositions of the Sun and its orbiting objects deny such a hypothesis. Relating the existence of complex atoms to the remainders of the stars' explosions is incorrect, because the chemical composition of the remainders, left after a star has exploded, is in a total discrepancy with the composition of objects in our system and because, if that were the case, the chemical composition of all the objects would have been the same, which is disproved by the research and the evidence. [7]

The creation of complex elements is seen in the process of removing the volatile elements of the comets, which is violent and voluminous at the beginning. When a comet has made enough orbits around a star, the quantity of volatile elements in it is reduced and it turns into an asteroid. It should be pointed out that a chemical composition of a comet gets more complex with every turn around the Sun, which is at the end represented in the chemical composition of the asteroid. [8]

The impossibility to relate the chemical compositions of planets and stars with the compositions of nebulae and interstellar material indicates that there is a process of creating new visible matter. That is particularly seen from the chemical composition of a material, which is outside the objects in the space. The first complex particle in the creation is hydrogen (in the atomic state), the fact demonstrated by the presence of this particle in nebulae, between objects and inside the Universe (90%). During time, the creation of the other particles  follows the ratio:  helium ~10% and all the other elements are only in traces, up to 2% maximum (Sun ~1,7%).

A greater diversity of all elements starts to appear when, due to the forces of attraction, the objects orbiting around a star start appearing in the orbits around the stars (high temperatures decompose complex atoms).

The greatest diversity is found on the objects (i.e., in their crust) that have a melted core, have an independent rotation and are mostly closer to a star. The creation of complex atoms takes place in the crust of such an objects, due to the pressure of the melted core on the crust, which itself is like a laboratory for the creation of complex atoms and compounds. A part of creation also takes place in the contact of the melted matter with water, atmosphere, ... This is seen on Mars, which has no melted core nor there are dynamic geological processes, necessary to create large quantities of complex atoms and compounds. Small quantities of hydrogen quickly migrate from Mars towards the Sun or get decomposed because of the radiation waves and they leave the planet with deserts and without water or compounds based on hydrogen.(supplement  1)


4.  Processes Related to the Constant Ascending Process of Matter Gathering

The process of matter gathering is seen on Earth and in the outer space. Matter gathers into nebulae, small and large objects, small and large systems. [9]  It can be deducted from the percussive craters on Earth and the other objects in our system. [Fig. 1]

Percussive craters have covered completely such objects that lack atmosphere, independent rotation, that have a relatively solid surface and only minimal internal geological processes to remove the craters. A constant growth is presented by old craters, inside which new ones have appeared. Inside these new ones there are even newer ones... The frequency of such objects arriving to Earth (measured in their quantity, mass and the time interval in which they are appearing) makes it possible to conclude that the period of creating such reliefs on these objects is quite long and that it is a constant process. [Fig. 2]

The duration of process is seen from the daily arrival of the space material onto Earth (quantity estimates ranging from 50 to 300 tons per day [3]).

With the increase of an object's mass and also with the participation of tidal forces from the central object and the other objects, too, as well as the speed of rotation around its axis, such an object starts emitting the surplus of its own radiation, which is the indicator of a melted (hot) core being created  (Jupiter, Neptune). The core melting with the significant influence of tidal forces is seen on Venus, which is smaller than Earth and lacks its own rotation, but it has a significantly higher temperature and more active volcanic processes than Earth. A lack of mass is impossible to compensate with a rotation and tidal forces, which can be monitored on Mars, Mercury, Uranus, ... – these objects emit no significant radiation (Uran 1,06), at least they are less important than those incoming from the central object. The existence of melted core (i.e., matter) is the beginning of the process of creating hot objects from brown dwarfs to the largest stars and stars with a very fast rotation („O“ type ~0,00003% from the total number of stars in Milky Way).

A rotation of an object around its axis creates orbits for smaller objects and matter around a central object, creates also binary systems, globular clusters of stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, super clusters of galaxies, the Universe, Multiverse and, at the most, two systems more. When the objects that emit radiation (which creates light and heat in the collision with the visible matter) get diluted, the outer space and the visible matter that emits none of its own radiation have the temperature of 0°K and all of the processes either stop or become extremely slow.

One should always keep in mind that this is only one in the endless sequence of such or similar systems that exist in the Absolute zero.

Tidally locked objects (i.e., those that lack their own independent rotation) or those with an extremely slow rotation cannot create orbits, just as the objects with a rotation cannot create orbits around their poles (north – south). 


5. The Age of Objects and the Universe

A constant growth or a constant matter gathering, in contemporary terms of understanding the age of Universe, is a very slow process without any form of sensationalism and ascribing supernatural abilities to the laws of physics (nature). As a starting point in determining the age of the Universe I will use the agreed age estimate for the asteroids and the materials from the Moon, which is about 4.5 billion of years. The quantity of matter, which is daily arriving to Earth, is 50 to 300 tons per day.

It needs to be mentioned that in certain phases growth has a different pace, which is also different in the whole volume of the Universe. The same goes for any object in a star system. For example, an object existing in an asteroid belt has a different growth pace than the one existing in a gaseous disk outside that belt, no matter be it internal or external objects. 

When matter gets gathered into clouds (nebulae), the forces of attraction become stronger. The larger the object and the faster the rotation, the influence of the forces of attraction is more significant.

It would be much easier to determine the age of Earth if we were able to measure the age of melted matter. The rock, originated from lava, is 0 years old, equally today and 4 Gy ago (zircon from the Jack Hills Western Australia „Dashed line indicates 4.4 Ga(y) apparent 207Pb/206Pb age“ [11]).

If we were to adapt the matter gathering to the growing mass (an asteroid with 4,5 Gy of age) and the daily arrival of matter to Earth, which is 50 to 300 tons per day, we would have the approximate result of 6 x 1024 of years (1024: in short scale :  a septillion ; in long scale :  a quadrillion of years). It should be mentioned here that larger objects „steal“ matter (H2 and He) from smaller objects, which changes the approach in determining the age for each object.

The diameter of the Universe is calculated to be about 13,7 G ly.

The Universe rotates at the speed of up to 30.000 km/s [5] (which is far below contemporary data that do not consider that distance contributes to the increase in red  spectrum). That speed is sufficient to create a disk-shaped form of the Universe.

To achieve a disk-shaped form of a system, it takes, besides the speed of rotation, a large number of turns around some axis. The approximate diameter of the Universe is about 27 Gly (r  is ~13,7 Gly). Besides the process of constant growth, the processes of disintegration and the creation of matter  should also be included in the calculations about the Universe. With an approximate speed of rotation reaching 10% of the speed of light, the Universe makes a single turn in ~ 860 Gly. This number needs to be multiplied with a very large number of turns around its axis. ..

6. Conclusion

Particles are disintegrated by force due to the percussive waves from stars to the atmospheres of the objects in their orbits, due to objects' collisions, due to cyclones in the objects' polar regions, due to explosions of stars and due to our particle colliders.

The creation of the visible matter is seen in the increase of mass of the Universe and its chemical composition (H ~90%; He ~10%, the rest of the elements are in traces, up to 2%).

A constant, ascending growth (the consolidation of objects and systems) is registered as the arrival of matter to the formed objects, which is proved by the millions of percussive craters on the objects, by the processes of collisions, merger and interaction of objects, galaxies and the clusters of galaxies.

The distance between the objects in the outer space creates a red shift; after some distance (= 70 Gly), no matter whether galaxies are approaching to the observer or not, which is concluded from the collisions, mergers and interactions of galaxies and the rotations of galaxy clusters and their collisions, mergers and the creation of super clusters.

The age of Earth and other objects is determined by the time needed to gather matter, influenced also by the constant forces of attraction. Every object has a different growth pace, which depends on its position in a system or the position of the system in the Universe.

The age of the Universe is determined by the constant growth, creation and disintegration of matter and the time needed to gather a whole system with a disk-shaped form, due to a relatively fast rotation.


Madam Doris Taylor, Editorial assistant, Science Publishing Group, USA



Impact craters 

Figure 1. Percussive craters on some objects (NASA)

Udarni krateri

Figure 2. Craters (NASA)


Supplement 1.

The lack of O2

Titan moon has a chemical composition of atmospheres by volume:


98.4% nitrogen (N2),

1.4% methane (CH4),

0.2% hydrogen (H2);

Lower Tropospheres:

95.0% N2,

4.9% CH4;

(97% N2,

2.7 ± 0.1% CH4,

0.1-0.2% H2)

The temperature on Titan (Saturn Moon) is -179.5 ° C.

The lack of H2

The minimal temperature on Mars is -143°C, while the average and maximal one are -63°C and +35°C respectively. The chemical composition of its atmosphere is:

carbon-dioxide 95,97%;

argon 1,93%;

nitrogen 1,89%;

oxygen 0,146%;

carbon-monoxide 0,0557%,

which in total makes 99,9917% of the elements and compounds, present in its atmosphere.

(The geological composition of the Mars surface: Mars is a terrestrial planet, consisting of the minerals of silicon and oxygen, metals and other elements that usually form rocks. The plagioclase feldspar NaAlSi3O8 to CaAl2Si2O8; pyroxenes are silicon-aluminium oxides with Ca, Na, Fe, Mg, Zn, Mn, Li replaced with Si and Al; hematite Fe2O3, olivine (Mg2, Fe2)2SiO4; Fe3O4.  Etc.  [10]



 [1]. New Evidence for the Existence of a Particle of Mass Intermediate Between the Proton and Electron, J. C. Street and E. C. Stevenson, Phys. Rev. 52, 1003 – Published 1 November 1937


[3].  „Why do Hydrogen and Helium Migrate“ the Intellectual Archive W. Duckss

[4]. How are the spiral and other types of galaxies formed?“ 2.8. Light W. Duckss

[5].  „Effects of Rotation Araund the Axis on the Stars, Galaxy and Rotation of Universe“ 3.1 The Disintegration, Formation and the Constant Growth of Matter and the Objects in the Universe, W. Duckss

[6]. Nebula

[7]. Why_there_are_differences_in_structure_of_the_objects_in_our_system W.Duckss

[8]. Astr. Soc. DOI:10.1093/mnras/stx2640

[9]. Category:Interacting_galaxies


[11]. GSA Data Repository 2018087 Ge et al., 2018, A 4463 Ma apparent zircon age from the Jack Hills (Western Australia) resulting from ancient Pb mobilization: Geology, https://doi.org/10.1130/G39894.1.

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Heh, another pile of s#!t.. Jeez, attempt on commenting on that resulted on spilled coffee all over the table...

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Weitter Duckss

It's not coffee. I do not drink coffee. Perhaps various pdf.

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12 hours ago, Weitter Duckss said:

It's not coffee. I do not drink coffee. Perhaps various pdf.

No worries, I'll p*** all over your "science" soon enough, I have more things to deal with than arguing with moron.

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Weitter Duckss
On 19. 05. 2019. at 10:36 AM, bmk1245 said:

I have more things to deal

Probably this is the rules of the forum and rules of conduct.

„... We will send you a call-for-presenters form as we get closer to next year's convention. We are sure that the cooperation with most of you will continue in the near future.

Again, thank you for being part of our conference please recommend this conference to others in the future. 

The certificate for your participation has been attached for your convenience. ..„ SCON Astro Physics


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8 minutes ago, Weitter Duckss said:

Probably this is the rules of the forum and rules of conduct.

„... We will send you a call-for-presenters form as we get closer to next year's convention. We are sure that the cooperation with most of you will continue in the near future.

Again, thank you for being part of our conference please recommend this conference to others in the future. 

The certificate for your participation has been attached for your convenience. ..„ SCON Astro Physics


Well, since they invited YOU, that tells a lot about that convention. Heck, their webpage is screaming "Its a scam!!!" Go there, pay fee, please. You may find flat earthers there, as well as all sorts of  woowoo. Good luck in your voyage...

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Posted (edited)

Duck, I've read through your posts in a couple threads, and if may gently say, you are clearly exhibiting "confirmation bias" for a personal theory which has no peer-reviewed scientific standing.

Oddly, your statements within a single post seem to me to be a mix of fact, fantasy, and at times blatant absurdity.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Feel free to cite specific sources in support of your position, or, if you wish not to do that, then simply announce to us that this is merely your opinion.

Edit: I know you cited sources of general info (of which you seem to pick and choose statements while ignoring context), but what I want to know are your sources in support of your position, or is this just your theory.





Edited by pallidin

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Here's a quote...

"Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs. When people would like a certain idea/concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the views (prejudices) one would like to be true."

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-couch/201712/how-confirmation-bias-affects-you-every-single-day%3famp

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Weitter Duckss

Well, it's someone else's opinion. What is yours? Do you, my offered evidence (official proof for the mainstream) see as "merely my opinion"?

Basically it is no longer just "merely my opinion," because the judges accepted and published such an approach. In the article "How are the spiral and other types of galaxies formed?" (The number of visits to the article only on my page is over 13,000 since the announcement of November 7 last year)


almost all segments from discussion in this forum (in general) are covered.

The last 4 articles also have a DOI number and link. Call for Convention SCON Astro Physics "We will send you a call-for-presenters form as we get closer to the next year's convention," says that, this has become the official world science.

Now we delete all I said because is opposed my understanding and action.

It does not matter who puts the evidence on the sto and who stands out from them. It's important, does this evidence have value and whether they are credible. I always look at the evidence. and I put them in a whole series of relationships and other evidence. Only if they pass the check they only have the value (for me). What is your attitude?

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