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Salt Cake

I was haunted for a few months

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Salt Cake

So right now im 14 and its been almost four years since I left austrailia. some information before I begin. 

I lived down under becoase of my dads job. he worked for bectal after leaving the military and is now retired. 

we had more money back then and went to some cool places like monkey mia and every goddamm beach there. 

but over all I was miserable. I wont go into it but when I came back to the states I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to what happened those few years.

while I was there I felt so alone and scared. my own twin brother hated me , I couldn't reach to my parents and I had no friends. 

as we all know , ghosts like lonely people. 

I went to the prison twice and the second time was when this all happened. 

Onto the story : quick note! I have horrid grammar. 


So it was our second time going to the freemantle haunted prison. at the time I thought believing in ghosts was stupid and that people who did were idiots.

we were on the tour as usual and we got to the hanging room. 

I wasn't very scared but then I saw a pale man with thinning hair being hung...but I could see right through him. I looked around and only younger kids were visibly shooken by this. I asked the tour guide what the hell was going on and he gave me a look. 

"miss theres nothing there"

holy ****.

I was terrified. me and the children ran out and I leaned on a rail.

I went over to my parents and told them what happened. they said I was just scared being only 9 or so.

I believed them and we continued the tour. 

I felt eyes burning into the back of my head. I kept looking behind me but no one was there. I was at the very back of the group. 

we were with some friends. I had a crush on the blonde boy who we'll call tater tot.

so I walk up to him and ask "did you see that in there?"

he says no.

Anyway his family leaves early becoase they have a flight to America later.

so its just me and the others. 

I still feel watched. 

we're in the courtyard and im looking at the windows and I see a woman with her hair up wearing a white dress. like her hair looked like mary poppins and her dress was similar but all white. guess what time the freemantle prison was open? the late 1800's. the dress style of mary poppins was late 1800's and early 1900's.

I stared for a while before stepping back to my parents. the woman disappeared.


when I got home...I saw him...the man.

he was just outside my window.

he was there until I moved back to America at the age 11.

he hasn't been around. 

so that's how I was haunted.

I named the ghost jerry btw.

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Kinda sounds like you haunted yourself.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I have never seen a ghost myself but I believe in them. If multiple children saw it that is freaky. I believe children are more able to experience paranormal things too.

If you are still having problems with your emotions though, I would focus on that and not worry about any ghosts or anything that causes you anxiety. Don't believe anybody that tells you seeing a ghost is a sign that you are a little off mentally. From the title of this thread it sounds like your experiences are over.

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You sound pretty open,you probably doubted this stuff at first because we are taught to.Just remember not to let it scare you and if you stay open to it you will experience different things like this through your life atb.PS. thanks for leaving the spirit here in OZ lol.

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Salt Cake,


If you are shown a ghost, visually, it's to scare the bejesus out of you.  I have asked God to refrain from showing me these ghost at my house, because I would not be happy if I saw what you saw,  and b/c I will attack it like St Michael and drive them out. But I can sometimes hear them making sounds in the house to annoy me.  I used to get the banging on the front door and nobody is there job,  but since pinning up a miraculous medal bookmark on my front door it has stopped. But I still hear things fall in my house. But I'm not sure if gravity pushes it or they get pushed. I can hear my house creak and crack and make noises in the ceiling still.  When i get the hair raisers is when I feel a Ghost is near by.

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