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8 demons

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Posted (edited)

(Firstly, i am not religious. I dont know why I have dreams like this.)


There was this old house somwhere. If I had to describe it I would call it a "Victorian". I do not know why two others along with myself wanted to explore the house but we did. It was dark and musty. Almost maze like inside; think ghost house meets the pyramids. 

It was odd. Random things had prison cell metal bars in the way. Like, there was this hole in the ceiling that I remember vividly that resembled a void. We tried to enter it but we were barred out.

We screwed up somehow. Demons everywhere. 8 of them exactly. One of them wasnt part of the group though. He was called Goliath for some reason. I cant remember the names of the other 7 but I am certain one called himself Wrath. 

They had numbers. 

One of the guys I was with got posseed by Wrath and Goliath. I exercised him... Somehow? Lol

Anyway, the seven were real bad news. Like apocalypticly bad for the world. But number 8. Goliath.

He was wierd. He wanted to put them back. He told me he was stronger than they were. He offered himself to me.

I accepted.

He then turned into a strange cane. When I fought the others with him parts of the others would turn to dust if they touched the cane. 

I lost. Goliath was a great wepon but I think personally I was to weak or something cause I went down like a snowflake after one of them hit me in the stomach. Oops.

One of the demons. I dont know its name specifically but I do know its number. It was number 3. Became obessed with something I had. He said he would give himself to me if I gave it to him. 

I agreed.

One of the other demons got real p***ed off after this. 

The end. I woke up lol.




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Ha, cool dream. I love having dreams like this. Sorry I don’t have any insight, but as my boy 8 would say, well dreamt. 

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