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Psychic attack! Need help!

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17 hours ago, moonman said:

Anybody who puts their email into that "test" is an idiot, unless you love spam. ANYTHING online that requires you to give your email to get the results is nothing but a scam to get you on a spam list.

Didn't see that.  Sry.

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I have been under attack like this before. It was a friend of mine but no longer. What i have learn about it is this. It is a deamon like thing thats tricks the person it is attached to that it is the persons own mental voice.  And it will pretend to be that person telepathy.  It will come and attact you when you notice it some way becuase it wants to stay hidden.  My advise is to be a christen becuase God has a whole army of protection of this type of attack. Used your energy to build boundary's around yourself and it.

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