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Mapping America's industrial hums

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"Across the US, industrial machinery creates a constant underground hum that sends vibrations through the surface of the Earth. Scientists are now mapping that subterranean humming."

Short report at Gizmodo: https://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2019/05/scientists-in-america-are-mapping-the-industrial-hums-that-travel-through-the-earth/

"We are testing our cloud-based workflow on a large-scale seismoacoustic background noise analysis. Our specific application is the detection of discrete spectral components of seismic noise generated by large machinery (harmonic tonal noise; see Marcillo and Carmichael [2018]).

"The characterization of the spatiotemporal structure of noise in seismic data is usually an onerous process. But we decided to see whether computing in the cloud could reduce the time it takes to both acquire and process the data."

Full monty at Earth & Space Science News: https://eos.org/project-updates/putting-the-cloud-to-work-for-seismology

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