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Immortality industry 'worth $600bn' by 2025


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Any "industry" would design longevity to be ever-renewable at an ever-increasing price.

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The aging program is so strongly hidden in the body that no scientists can change it, as if they did not interfere in the DNA, gave the body good food, medicine, replaced organs with newer ones, and so on. Because the problem lies not in the physical body but in thinner structures that lead to aging and physical aging is an external reaction of the body to the inability to maintain the cells of the body at a constantly "fresh" level.
Because the cells of the body are replaced by new ones, they are not restored to the previous level but they lose some element of this youth and change as they age and we outwardly change as we mature.
In general, this problem lies not only in the body but in the mind; it cannot maintain the body in an unchanged condition; it allows the body to change and ache and does not have the power to repel the disease or keep the body in an eternally young state.

So only an eternal spirit can have eternal youth and never grow old there a program of death or illness cannot rise because these are all elements of a lower nature where material habits and natural programs are strong, so the answer is how to become immortal in a body is simple - the body needs a transformation of the spirit and not medicine and genetics because the latter deal with the material, mortal elements and not the eternal categories of the spirit.
And traditional religions did not set the task of such a transformation, they opened the spirit, led away from the body to heaven or believed that the body could not become immortal for various reasons, therefore they did not do this, did not search for the immortal body hidden behind the layers of our physical body, if we speak in essence. Our  physical body could only leave the light color from this golden and immortal body.

When our race has exhausted itself, the first transformed immortal man will appear on earth and the spiritual work on the transformation of other people will begin from this point since our mortal and fallen race will not be able to move evolution further. This is the stage of evolution(1-7):


1. - Immortal spirit-body --                                                   7 .--- Immortal and Divine humanity --------

2. --Long-living races of giants--                                6 .-- Supramental people are directed to complete immortality and perfection

                                                                                     by   teachers-

3.- Mortal race of people (and preparation for immortality by a spiritual person)     5.-The sudden appearance of a physically-immortal person-

     4 .- Unsuccessful attempt of the Antichrist to become a demonic-immortal being and the fall of mankind----





(I wrote to those who are interested in the idea of immortality and when it will be reached by people that time will no longer matter)






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I worry that 'longevity' as a business will essentially create a class of wealthy immortals. (Vampire lords?) The poor will die when they're supposed to and the rich will live for decades longer.
I don't think that is a good thing, and is in fact a recipe for distopia. I mean, if you think the ever-widening gulf between rich and poor is bad now...

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Look at marijuana for example, that plant was kept illegal for so long because the pharmaceutical industry would lose money from all the medicines it would replace (and without overdoses) the plastic industry would lose profit from Hemp. If that harmless, yet so beneficially useful plant is treated like such a dangerous drug. Then do you think they would honestly give you immortality out of the goodness of their heart? 

It's just so you can be used to generate more profit longer for the corporations. I bet the people would get the fake stuff and the ones who own the industries would get the real stuff and you would be kept perpetually enslaved to work for that longer life fix. 

People are farmed for profit, worst case scenario it would turn out like the movie RepoMen, and a best case scenario they would simply make you ultra dependent on that extra life fix, but based on how they treated that plant: this would not be created out of the goodness of their hearts to give something back to the fellow man, but rather to keep you alive longer to be used.

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Wasn't there some guy that created a saltwater powered engine then he got assassinated? I don't think things like perpetual energy are impossible, I think there's a way to do it if you do it right, but the loss of profit it would create for some people would make them go out of their way to ensure that the efforts put towards it are minimal or in the wrong approach; to ensure they fail and are laid to rest. 

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^^^ that's the cue for the hired internet trolls to come comment things like:  "I think your tinfoil hat is too tight" 

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Anyone who thinks physical human immortality would be a "miracle" needs to watch TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY  ;)  It raises some interesting issues we'd have to deal with.

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