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Still Waters

Ancient seawater preserved from last Ice Age

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Still Waters

Twenty thousand years ago, in the thick of an Ice Age, Earth looked very different. Because water was locked up in glaciers hundreds of feet thick, which stretched down over Chicago and New York City, the ocean was smaller—shorelines extended hundreds of miles farther out, and the remaining water was saltier and colder.

A University of Chicago scientist led a study that recently announced the discovery of the first-ever direct remnants of that ocean: pockets of seawater dating to the Ice Age, tucked inside rock formations in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


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5 minutes ago, Doc Socks Junior said:

Meteors are scary.  Imagine a tsunami washing all the way to Appalachians!

The Arkansas Plateau was stripped flat and the Sand Hills of Nebraska were laid down by Chicxulub's tsunami.

We also had boxes of Eocene whale and shark remains in scattered chunks in storage at the museum from the Chesapeake impact. Clam draggers are still finding them and they wash up all over Maryland's beaches. 

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