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Mobile Banking Trojans rise 58% for 2019


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"The number of malicious mobile banker packages on the web increased by 58 per cent in the first quarter of 2019.

"That's according to Kaspersky's most recent IT threat evolution report, which reveals that more than 300,000 users have been attacked.

"In particular, researchers have noticed a rise in malware that steals credentials and money from people's bank accounts. They identified 29,841 cases of such malware."

Full report at Computing UK magazine: https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3076308/researchers-warn-of-rise-of-malicious-banking-trojans

"Mobile Banking Malware On The Rise, Kaspersky Lab Warns"

At Silicon UK magazine: https://www.silicon.co.uk/mobility/mobile-apps/mobile-banking-malware-rise-kaspersky-256953

Stats at Kaspersky Lab: https://securelist.com/it-threat-evolution-q1-2019-statistics/90916/

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i'm not surpriced most of our technology can be hacked if wanted.

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It is good thing. If rich banks can go ''bankrupt'' and ''eat'' all the hard earned money and house loans then people should take a bite too, here and there :D

Alto i can't remember of any poor hacker lol

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