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John Cleese and Dr Jim Tucker on reincarnation

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22 minutes ago, SmartAZ said:

John Cleese is the one who ranted at length about American football, calling it "handegg". I learned recently that football, soccer and rugby, and the names thereof, all originated at a single BRITISH school. I think we deserve a commentator who researches his rants better than what we have seen from this fellow.

What does sports have to do with reincarnation?

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spartan max2
On 6/9/2019 at 1:42 AM, darkmoonlady said:

My first words were I had another Mother and I "drowneded". I had an open minded Mom who let me talk about it. I have memories from a past life. I also had some trauma from it where I kept hearing this sound in my ear that would echo and repeat til I thought I'd go crazy, mostly trying to go to sleep. Even though my Mom was open minded I was scared to tell her thinking she would have me hospitalized but finally about the time I was 11 I told her and I was crying and she said well maybe it was the sound of water lapping in your ear when drowned and it was the last thing you heard. After that I never heard it again where it wouldn't stop. I know that was what it was and I can recall the sound but it doesnt bother me anymore. Since then as an adult I have done some regression sessions and filled in some details. I have no doubt we reincarnate and there is some kind of process to it. It has been a fact for me since I could talk and tell what happened.

Thats absolutely crazy. Thanks for sharing.

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