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A night-time encounter

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By: Walker | Location: Missouri


Recently some weird things have started happening around my house. I'm 17, and live with my parents. They live upstairs, and I have the basement to myself. 3 nights ago I woke up after midnight, which isn't uncommon because I don't sleep well.

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/stories/112226/a-night-time-encounter

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Where's the sock that's wet with black goo you stepped on?
What did it smell like?

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Were you possibly still half asleep enough to be dreaming? Was anything on your sock the next day? Does the storage room still stink?

The pest control set out poison at work. 2 mice died in the ceiling. It smelled terrible for 2 days, until I got back from vacation & got them out. Could it have been something like that?

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