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Very limited support for Indiana Abortion Law

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4 minutes ago, aztek said:

i would not know buddy, i'm pretty sure you mistook me for ............yourself

Comeon with the pose he's holding you gotta admit the response was funny.

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Jerry Gallo
7 hours ago, Jerry Gallo said:

But we do know they are profiting, with $244.8M in excess revenue over expense last year - highest on record I believe. A combined $606.7M over the last five years, which represents 22.1% of the $2.744B they have received in gov't reimbursement and grants. Thus, there can only be two reasonable conclusions here. Either PP should be giving unused funds back to the government, or PP is properly applying taxpayer funds for specified services and they are even more profitable on their "other" services prohibited from use of gov't funds. Nowhere on their year-end summary does it list anything about fetal part/blood sales, just a lot of "other" and "non-gov't" revenue. Do you think if they were profiting on abortion and post-abortion fetal part/blood sales, they'd advertise the practice or specify it knowing the scrutiny it would face even among some of their own advocates? They are profiting somewhere, questions are where and should they be considered a non-profit with that kind of excess?

Studying the last five years of PP's end of year summaries was pretty enlightening. Did you know...

PP's #1 service is STD testing (40.5% of all services), Pregnancy tests #2 (11.1%), HIV testing #3 (7.7%),  emergency contraception kits is #4 (6.5% - questionable whether this is morning after pill or their standard/basic contraceptive package), cancer screening #5 (6.3%), abortion #6 (3.4%).

Long acting (IUD and implants) is on the rise year over year the last five years, usage rising 245%.

Conversely, STD and HIV testing have both risen each of the last five years. Appears on the surface that confidence in the long-acting contraception has caused many women to forego male contraception in tandem, hence the increase in STD/HIV concerns.

Services are up 2.4% the last four years. Revenue over that same period is up 28.5%.

Fundraising expense is up 39.2% last three years, private donations up 122.5%. Effective marketers! Lobbying public policy expense up 16%.

Net assets are up 32.8% the last five years, cost of management expense is up 32.6%. Incentive to profit?

Prenatal services last year 9055, miscarriage services 1731, adoption referrals 2831...abortions 332,757. Either a boatload of women bail on PP once they are pregnant or PP is aborting 96% of pregnancies they deal with.

Hate quoting myself, but too late to edit. Wanted to correct myself. Private donations are up 78.4% last four years, 122.5% was the three year increase in "other services".

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Jerry Gallo
3 hours ago, and then said:


Maybe they can diversify and use any government funding to provide transportation and lodging to women in states that decide to severely limit access.  That way there can be no argument that a woman's right to choose is being removed.  She's just being inconvenienced.  Who knows?  Maybe the added hassle will lead to fewer "mistakes" or so it is to be hoped.

Given the increase in STD and HIV testing and knowing many women have had multiple abortions, seems apathy, arrogance and ignorance are the most common precursors to these "mistakes". I think a lot of these "proud of my abortion" signs back that up. Then I see the more palatable part of PP, cancer screenings, are down 34.3% over the last five reports, I get even more appalled. PP has run off the rails, I seriously need to stop taking people's word, in this case that PP was mostly honorable. "Trust nothing" is the new motto. 

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