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Bat hidden in iPad case bites man's finger

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

An 86-year-old man is being treated for rabies after being bitten by a bat wedged between the back of his iPad and its case.

Roy Syvertson, from New Hampshire in the US, told WMUR-TV that he had been using the tablet for about an hour before the creature popped its head out and nipped him.

The pensioner said it felt like a bee sting at first, adding: "I looked, and the bat was coming out of here, between the cover and the back of the pad."


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Breaking news: Gotham City has a new Batman in town & he will be the oldest person to play the superhero. 

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Doc says he’ll be okay, so that’s good.

The next morning, Mr Syvertson said the bat was still there and alive, but he later discovered that it died later that night.

"Then I knew I might have a problem," Mr Syvertson said.

He left it there overnight? And for the next day? And found it dead that night? :tsu:

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Sneaky bat glad he's fine not the bat the person who got bitten

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