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When does thought transition to belief?

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Mr Walker
On 10/24/2019 at 6:59 AM, Sherapy said:

I am not sure how you reading books, and making pet rocks is relevant to the discussion. 

None the less, thank you for sharing and let me say  If your life brings you joy this is amazing news. 

You deserve happiness. I am not sure why you would see others as lacking in need of pity if they don’t choose the same way as you.


You said i was living vicariously through books

where did i mention pet rocks? 

 I feel compassion for  any human who is unable to fully realise their potential and only utilising one part of being human  

Its one reason I've spent my life teaching kids to be good readers and learners  

Reading  is the  way to overcoming ignorance 

I think mark twain said something like,  "A man who can read, but chooses not to, is as ignorant as a man who cannot read" 

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On 6/5/2019 at 6:57 AM, quiXilver said:

A belief is a thought, yet not every thought is a belief.

So what makes a thought into a belief?


A question undoubtedly asked before, yet worthy of revisiting.  We are not static nouns in this life, but flowing verbs.  We all shift as we move through life, and as there seems to be a prevailing attitude that adding to existing older conversations is somehow inappropriate I will ask as it seems a question worth revisiting regularly, since one of the aspects of wisdom seems the discovery of one's true nature in the process of exposure to more experience.  Exploration of this can reveal some surprising shifts over the course of one's life.  I'm curious to see what others think now of this question.  Lots of highly potent thinkers here and passionate people, I love both. 

I ask in sincere interest, but not in seriousness.  I try to engage in life playfully, yet sincerely.  It's just a conversation.  And I operate from a position of 'while I may have discovered a truth, it is never 'the' truth.  So with no need to convince anyone of anything and with no interest in selling my sense of it as the one correct perspective... out of curiosity...

What are the transitional elements involved in a thought becoming a belief?

What makes a belief not just another thought?


For me it seems to revolve around a notion of questionability, or non-questionability.  Beliefs seem to be thoughts that become imbued with an unquestionable essence, either through Truth by Consensus ("everyone" knows it) , or simple familiarity ( it's cultural background info, that has never been questioned), or perhaps based on sense of Truth (through direct experience that renders further questioning irrelevant).


As a secondary question.  What does it take for beliefs to be demoted to thoughts?

For the record, I am into open ranging conversations exploring a concept kind of like chewing a bone, one moves around it a bit to get all the best bits covered.  So I don't mind some meandering into related side topics at all.



It is not a matter of believability, as with so many things it is a matter of survival. Not conductive to survival if you believe that the horrible **** that you do to people is because your an *******. That leads to all sorts of nasty psychological problems. More likely to survive if you blame god and jesus and baphamet and Loki and so on so you can go on with your life thinking you are amazing. The world from an atheists eyes can be really depressing sometimes.

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