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New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liber

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An open letter from one of the Seaman's widows to Senator John Warner..



An open letter to Senator John Warner

I am writing to you in your capacity as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. I am the wife of James Mahlon Lupton, CT1, who was killed aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel on June 8, 1967. He was right where the torpedo hit. I have wondered for 32 years what was on his 24-year-old mind as he worked, knowing that the ship was under attack, that she had no defense weapons, that basically she didn’t have a chance unless someone came to the rescue. He probably heard the torpedoes being launched and heard them zinging in the water. Coming toward him. Coming Fast! And perhaps knew, somehow, that this time, there was not going to be a rescue...there was not going to be any help from anybody...that Israel was going to sink this vessel and she didn’t have a chance. And maybe — his last thought was of me.

I was 24 years old. We had been married only two years. My husband was 6’2” tall, 220 pounds, very handsome, with a winning smile (I have pictures to prove it) and many friends. Everyone who knew him respected him because of his integrity. He had the highest sense of honor and “my word is my bond” that I have ever seen in a human being. He did not equivocate or tell lies.

I am telling you all this about him because right now he is an unknown person to you. But I assure you, he was a real person, who laughed, loved, had hobbies, enjoyed the company of friends and family, and was looked up to as a man to emulate. And certainly looked up to by me. I had tremendous respect for him. He was such a fine person — he was the only person who could make me laugh when I was angry. (Until I had my son — he had that same quality. Sadly, I also lost my son, 11 years ago, when he was 15.)


My questions are listed below.

  1. Why didn’t the Sixth Fleet come to the aid of the Liberty?
  2. Why were the rescue aircraft called back by the President of the United states?
  3. What involvement did the 303 Committee have in the Liberty’s deployment and mission?
  4. What did Project Cyanide have to do with the Liberty, directly or indirectly?
  5. What did Frontlet 615 have to do with the Liberty directly or indirectly?
  6. Why wasn’t the USS Amberjack allowed to come to the aid of the Liberty?
  7. Where is the film of the attack taken by the Amberjack?
  8. Why weren’t violations of the UCMJ investigated?
  9. Why were warning and operational messages to the Liberty intentionally mis-routed?
  10. Why was the crew told to keep silent regarding the attack?
  11. What secret is so volatile that cannot be revealed by our government after 30 years?
  12. Why haven’t clear violations of international law been investigated?
  13. Why was Admiral Tobin awarded the Bronze Star when he wasn’t even there?
  14. Why hasn’t our former ambassador to Lebanon, Dwight Porter, ever been questioned by Congress, when it is known he listened to the attack at our embassy in Lebanon?
  15. Why was Commander McGonagle awarded his Medal of Honor, our country’s highest honor, in the Navy Yard instead of in a ceremony conducted by the President at the White House? That certainly was not his request. And it is the only Medal of Honor that has been presented in such a fashion. Begging your pardon, Senator — that was shameful.

I would sincerely appreciate any explanation that you can give that would ease the pain I bear. I have remarried and had children, been divorced, worked, and still work at my job, and I still don’t understand. I am trying very hard to get some peace and it just won’t come. I have not forgotten him, and I will never forget that awful day, because my life changed — when I lost a piece of my heart.

Can you help me?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very truly yours,
Barbara Scott (Lupton) Neilson


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