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Still Waters

Circus uses holograms instead of live animals

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Still Waters

At performances of Circus Roncalli in Germany, an elephant stands before the audience, its ears flapping and trunk wagging. It hoists up its hind legs as the crowd applauds. Then it disappears.

The elephant, like the other animals featured in Circus Roncalli, is a 3-D hologram—a tech-savvy effort to preserve the flavor of historic circuses while eliminating concerns of animal cruelty.

As German newspaper the Rheinische Post reports, Circus Roncalli was founded in 1976 and began phasing out animal performances in the 1990s. Since 2018, the show has featured no live animals, turning instead to holographic projections with 360-degree visibility for spectators seated around the ring. According to the BBC, it takes 11 projectors to pull off the feat.



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