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Still Waters

Snoopy lunar module from Apollo 10 found?

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Still Waters

The famous lunar module from the Apollo 10 mission is believed to have been found - 50 years after it was released into space.

Named Snoopy after the cartoon dog, the four metre wide module was believed to have been lost forever after the 1969 mission.

It was used as a test run for the Apollo 11 lunar landing, which took place two months after Apollo 10, in July 1969.

Nick Howes, a fellow at the Royal Astronomical Society, said he is "98% convinced" he and his team have found it.



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EBE Hybrid

Fifty years ago this July, the United States put a man on the moon, effectively ending the Space Race and owning one of the most historic events in human history. The efforts that went into making the Moon landing possible were myriad and took years to complete. Now, one piece of gear used in the race⁠—a relic astronomers have been searching for since they sent it to space five decades ago—may have finally been found.

The "Snoopy" lunar module was part of the Apollo 10 mock mission that ended with the module being launched into space, where it has been floating aimlessly ever since.


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Trimmed for length. The rest can be viewed in the source link.
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We peaked

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So there are "UFO's" out there in space !

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