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Advice needed

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Hi all new to this site just wondering if anybody can help me out and do me a reading would be much appreciated need some clarification on personal matters thank u so much in advance:)

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I am a dabbler and out of practice.  I would appreciate any feedback you have.

It seems you have some legal or other restrictive issues either soon or now.  You may have some opposition or some kind of difficulty that can be overcome as long as you know everything about the issue, read the fine print and follow every rule to the letter.  You have all the tools necessary to complete what ever needs to be done in this issue.  There will be change and the outcome should give you a feeling of freedom, in the long run a positive outcome, though it might look bleak don't let anyone manipulate you into giving up or giving in, however do pay attention to any rules or laws imposed on this issue.


P.S.  Don't share any details in your feedback, just let me know if it seems relevant or not.  Thank you.

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