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New Facebook App that pays for your data


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"Facebook is launching a new app called Study which will pay users for their data following a series of scandals about the way the company acquires and handles users' data.

"The company was criticised earlier this year when it was revealed to have paid children as young as 13 to install software on their phones which allowed it to collect data on how they used its competitors' apps."

Full monty at Sky News UK: https://news.sky.com/story/new-facebook-app-will-pay-users-to-collect-data-on-how-they-use-rival-apps-11740349

At Tech Crunch: https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/11/facebook-study-app-market-research/?

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Well, I gotta say even after the criticism they received earlier this year, they're relentlessly determined to get this data, any which way they can by the looks of things.  I'm so glad I don't use FB.  Social Media is so overrated. :(  I prefer a nice old fashioned forum. :)


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