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Still Waters

UK man donates frostbitten toe to Yukon bar

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Still Waters

A former British commando has made a very special donation to a remote Canadian hotel - his severed toe.

Nick Griffiths had his big toe posted to the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City after he lost it to frostbite competing in an extreme winter marathon in 2018.

The ex-Royal Marine promised to donate it in the hope of returning to the Yukon to do the Sourtoe Cocktail with his very own keepsake.

The cocktail's famed ingredient is another mummified human toe.


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That's just nasty. Not the toe but they imbibe the drink with the toe in the glass. I'm amazed he got to keep his toe, I had my foot amputated and asked the hospital if I could take it home so I could bury it, I mean it was my foot. Nope. Wouldn't let me. I often wonder if it isn't sitting in a jar of formaldahyde in the pathologists office, it was a medical oddity. Nothing I'd want in a drink though. Yuck.

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