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Peter B
On 6/15/2019 at 8:10 AM, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

One asks, just how did Lester Maddux get elected Governor of Georgia, anyway?  

When new federal civil rights laws went into effect, Maddux, a restauranter, and his two sons stood in front of their eatery armed with baseball bats to keep AfroAms from going into his restaurant.

Image result for lester maddox photos




His photo went viral and the people in Georgia urged him to run for Governor. Maddox ran and he won. 

Yes democrats, like Governor George Wallace (Alabama), he's one of yours.

Would it perhaps be more accurate to say he's one of those Dixiecrat-style Democrats that Republicans like Nixon and Reagan assiduously courted from the 1960s to the 1980s, and who are now solid Republicans?

But having said that, it's interesting to read how the man who used the threat of violence to stop People He Didn't Like entering his eatery, and who said that integration was a Communist plot, was also the man who appointed large numbers of blacks to government positions and apparently massively increased government spending on education.

In other words, people are complicated, and the desire of many on both sides of American politics to see only the worst in their political opponents is dangerously unhelpful.

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1 hour ago, Jodie.Lynne said:

And the Democrats are really no better.


I don't disagree. 

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3 hours ago, Jodie.Lynne said:

I disagree. I, and my friends may be outliers, but we are friends, not because of money, or what we can do for each other, but because we care for each other as people.



Still possible, true. But I am talking about politics. About those who bow down only to money. There used to be great, honest friendships. Not anymore. The highest bidder gets the vote. Donald Duck I mean Trump, Pelosi, Fox, CNN... all the same. 

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2 minutes ago, odas said:

There used to be great, honest friendships. Not anymore.


Agreed. There used to be men & women of integrity, those who stood for what they believed in. Right or wrong, they took a stand for what they believed in. 

Today, we have political talking heads that will say a thing, then, when it explodes in their face, will tell you that what you heard them say, is not what they actually said.


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