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The planets that never were

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Manwon Lender

I beleive that space travel over light years is very possible. As Albert Einstein has stated it possible to warp or fold space time. While we are infants when it comes to true physics, however, an advanced civilisation may have developed the necessary scientific methods to fold space time. This could account for some objects people have reported seeing. I quess the real question is how would they even know we exist. This is a question that possess the biggest problem for me when it comes to the possibility of alien visitors coming to earth. When it comes down to it Earth is a very very small insignificant spec of matter when it comes to the vastness of space. Lastly, I also think that if we are ever visited, it may not turn out like many people appear to beleive. I think it is very possibly it could be the end of everything or more plainly the total destruction of the human race, I suppose time will tell.

I enjoyed your column, thank you very much for sharing.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, Mars, l have scoured through 1/5 of the odd 2400 mast cam Curiosity images, and Mars atmosphere is far from a near vacuum, or without getting into spooking the herd, Mars is the second closest Habitable planet to our own.


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