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Still Waters

One Foot Taller ‘periscope glasses' invented

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Still Waters

There’s nothing worse than going to a gig only to find yourself standing in the land of giants, where your only view of the stage comes and goes in fleeting glimpses, through the valley between bobbing heads and only by the grace of stooping necks.

However, a British inventor may have come up with an ingenious solution that can elevate, quite literally, eye-lines into a prime, unobstructed position.

Dominic Wilcox has created a pair of periscope glasses, called One Foot Taller, for Microsoft Surface’s Extraordinary Solutions project. The campaign is aimed at finding solutions for everyday problems.


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well, in the mid 80s pretty much daily i had either booked a band or at a show and would see this guy he was about 4ft but very well proportioned, he had modded a pair of dry wall stilts to make him about 6ft, i saw him many times doing basically anything he desired on the stilts.

periscope glasses might be good in more refined events.


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lol, looks funny. doubt many would wear it, 

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