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10 minutes ago, Xavier Perez-Pons said:

To have a space dedicated to funny stories, you have little sense of humor. Don't you see that this is parody of a skeptical scientist?

I do now, after I read your second story.  I have met people who actually think like your character so I couldn't tell, but now I remember you are a writer.


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When I worked for Dona Ana County as a computer operator (years ago, names of jobs were more simple) I was fixing a printer in the County Clerk's office.  I only fixed printers, printed mailers, ran the backups, etc.  The Clerk's office had people coming and going and for some reason when the clerk saw me she came out and in front of customers started yelling at me about how I had ruined her mailing because it had the wrong information on it.  I was taken aback.  I had nothing to do with her mailing except putting the paper in the printer and making sure it printed.  I had had the job for 3 weeks.  I told her "You can't talk to me like that.  I don't work for you.  You asked for this job, you got elected, you work for the tax payers and I pay my taxes."  I picked up my tools and walked out, leaving the printer in parts.   My co-worker was sure I would be fired.  The next day the clerk called me and said, "I made chocolate chip cookies.  Come down and get some." 

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On 10/24/2019 at 2:20 AM, Xavier Perez-Pons said:

Can non-existence really exist? As a scientist I have been asking this question for a while and there is only one possible answer: what does not exist does not exist, period. Do not be fooled by apparently existing phenomena. The non-existent PRETEND to exist but in reality it does not exist no matter how hard it tries. If you are in one of these anomalous situations and have any hesitation, consult the catalog of what exists according to Science. If that strange phenomenon that you are witnessing does not appear in the catalog, IT DOES NOT EXIST. IT PRETENDS TO EXIST. The non-existent may not exist but it is not stupid, it is cunning and will try by all means to make you believe that it exists.

This is some serious heavy-duty nonsense, I challenge anyone to surpass it. It is the club-house leader in the Silliest Things I Have Ever Read Cup.

Oh wait. Xavier appears to be using a literary device to make a point, and well made it is too !  My, what a fickle fellow I am !

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That story about the cat collecting gloves reminded me of another poodle that belonged to my aunt.  He used to come home with useful things like rakes.  When she was about 6 months pregnant he brought home a big bag of clean diapers he had taken from a diaper service truck (I don't think they have those anymore because of disposable diapers).  :lol:

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