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Still Waters

Tesla driver caught sleeping for over 30 miles

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Still Waters

Sometimes our expectations of modern technology can transcend reality in a dangerous way. While Tesla is on the path to creating a fully autonomous vehicle, it appears that drivers of its current cars are growing a little too confident in their purchases.

A gut-wrenching video from ABC7 Eyewitness news shows a man fast asleep in the driver's seat of a Tesla on one of the busiest highways in Southern California.

"I realised he was fully sleeping," eyewitness Shawn Miladinovich told NBC4 News. "Eyes shut, hands nowhere near the steering wheel."

Minutes later, while taking a Freeway exit, the driver was still reportedly unresponsive. The only thing that appeared to be touching the steering wheel was a tie of some sort, probably to stop the warning system from kicking in.



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and then

I bet there isn't even a law on the books to cover this one. :)  

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