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Still Waters

Ancient palace emerges from Iraqi reservoir

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Manwon Lender
13 hours ago, Still Waters said:

An ancient palace has emerged from an Iraqi reservoir after water levels dropped precipitously because of a drought.

A lack of rain and the release of water through the Mosul Dam to relieve dry conditions has led to the Mittani Empire site being revealed.

The site was flooded when the Mosul Dam was built in the mid-1980s before archaeologists were able to examine it.


You come up with some pretty cool topics, keep them coming because I really enjoy these topics.

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This is going to be so amazing when they keep digging in Iraq especially.  It's been an area that I don't feel has been studied anywhere near enough due to the hold Saddam Hussein had over it for so many years.  It's such an ancient land with an incredibly rich history pertaining to the early civilizations in that whole area.  Thanks for sharing this @Still Waters

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