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If Jesus was a god his death wasn't a sacrifi

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Liquid Gardens
1 hour ago, Pettytalk said:



And, meh, I guess the best I can say about that rather boring song is that it's one viewpoint.  I find Pink Floyd had it pegged better:


All that you touch 
All that you see 
All that you taste 
All you feel. 
All that you love 
All that you hate 
All you distrust 
All you save. 
All that you give 
All that you deal 
All that you buy, 
beg, borrow or steal. 
All you create 
All you destroy 
All that you do 
All that you say. 
All that you eat 
And everyone you meet 
All that you slight 
And everyone you fight. 
All that is now 
All that is gone 
All that's to come 
and everything under 
the sun is in tune 
but the sun 
is eclipsed by the moon. 

"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark."

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19 hours ago, DieChecker said:

He didn't teleport in and smack the fruit out of Adam's hand..

No, but according to myth, God is the one who put the fruit there in the first place, yes? 


19 hours ago, DieChecker said:

I think God got it about as right as he could though with Jesus, considering where Christianity is today.

Where it is today? I won't name denominations, but the religion is rife with pedophiles, bigots, scam artists, and parasites. I am talking about the supposed 'leaders', not the rank & file.

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