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Still Waters

Siberian lake loved by Instagrammers is toxic

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Still Waters

A turquoise lake in Siberia where people have been taking selfies is actually a power plant's ash dump.

The lake, nicknamed the "Novosibirsk Maldives" because of how tropical it looks, has provided the perfect backdrop to people's Instagram posts.

But the reason for its colour is less appealing - calcium salts and other metal oxides from the plant.

Responding to the selfies, the Russian power company that runs the plant urged people not to go near the water.

But its stern warning seems to have only made people even more determined to visit.


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Thew pictures certainly look nice.

I'd personally follow the advice from the processing plant....

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It's amazing that that water is absolutely beautiful, yet filled with such toxicity (but not poison they say! lol).  Reading through the article, it sure seems like there's no shortage of warning signs for visitors, then I saw this....


He then added that "the water tastes a little sour".



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