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Still Waters

Prime D.B. Cooper suspect has died

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Still Waters

Robert Rackstraw, who many researchers suspect could have been behind the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking, has reportedly passed away at the age of 75. Thanks to his ties to Oregon, where the legendary 1971 caper took place, as well as a checkered past which included faking his own death to avoid criminal charges and spending time in prison for grand theft, he wound up popping up on the proverbial radar of investigators looking into the case shortly after the skyjacking occurred.

In 1978, the FBI briefly considered Rackstraw to be a person of interest in the case, but ultimately ruled him out in part because he was only 28 at the time that the crime took place and, therefore, seemingly did not match the age description provided by witnesses. Be that as it may, independent researchers were not so quick to dismiss the possibility that the retired pilot with military parachute training and a penchant for criminal activity could have been D.B Cooper.



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The infamous D.B. Cooper.  The evidence against was enough to drop him as a "person of interest" so, no. Not him.

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I would think the huge glob of the marked money that was found embedded in a sand bar would be a pretty good indication that D.B. Cooper departed this earth shortly after deplaning.  But, hey, what do I know? 

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