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Still Waters

Saudi Arabia to 'ease' male guardianship laws

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Still Waters

Saudi Arabia is reportedly planning to relax its strict male guardianship laws to allow women to travel without requiring permission, in what would be the biggest reform yet to women's rights in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The move would end guardianship laws pertaining to travel for men and women over 18 years old, allowing them to leave the country without the consent of a designated male family member, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

It was not clear exactly when it would come into force, but it was reported it could happen as early as this year. There was no immediate comment from the Saudi government.



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Sir Smoke aLot

If they leave... They better not come to Saudi embassy in foreign countries. Might be, you know, chop chop.

Progressive and democratic this guy, Bin Salman :D


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Finally catching up to the twentieth century, are they. Bully for those progressives. :nw:

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