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Ghost Club The Oldest Paranormal Organization

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The 18th century Victorian Era saw a surge in the otherworldly concept of Spiritualism, the belief in ghosts and the spirit world beyond what we know. It was a time of psychics and mediums, of séances, spirit photography, and all manner of odd pursuits which sat firmly against established scientific paradigms. People wanted to believe, and Spiritualism became so rampant and en vogue that various organizations built upon its principles were established, as well as numerous hucksters and charlatans looking to make a buck off the burgeoning trend in all things weird. It was at this time of rampant Spiritualism that one such organization in particular rose to prominence, and would grow to include within its ranks some of the most influential people of the time. Welcome to the world of the world’s oldest organization of paranormal investigators.



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1 hour ago, rashore said:

its started over all the oracles all over Europe,  one like Greece. really its all about people readers that wanted to make money :) 



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