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US Shoots down Iranian Drone

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Sir Smoke aLot
On 7/22/2019 at 8:51 PM, Phaeton80 said:

I think this is a prelude to the seat of power moving away from the States, to the East. And eventhough I am highly critical in regards to the USA, I think such a move would have dire consequences for the West as a whole, I would not be a happy camper. In fact, I am so very critical towards the USA because I.. well, I actually 'love her (past self)'.. and I think this is where an important part of the battle is won or lost. And 'we' are losing, bigtime..

I feel the same. And i do not like implications of that.

'War on terror' has indeed became 'war for terror' and by my opinion such miscalculation by politicians has directly lead to decline in US influence and domination. Russia has greatly profited from situation. China too. While USA was distracted by waging false wars which had nothing to do with American people their adversaries have grown stronger. This directly threatens my country and future of my region but also that of the world not because Russia and China are evil but because they would have no problem in doing what it takes to fortify themselves in my region.  And they have radical support for that.

And i am not only speaking about military, screw military bro. I am speaking about crazy changes in economy too. China is becoming major supplier of state credits and is involved in infrastructure project all across the globe. They seem to be using soft power and are gaining influence in bulk packages.

Chinese special forces are present in many countries where USA was the only power. I do not know about Russia but i have no doubts that they have their piece of the cake too, Putin is very smart chess player. Why doesn't Trump deal with that? Why didn't Obama deal with that. I never like Bush that much but it seems that he was doing what he could to help his country. Doing what he was able because of all the pressure.

But USA government today is more concerned with helping Israel steal Golan Heights and demolish homes in West Bank than about their own future, and by doing so they dismiss opinion of world community. Over 130 nations recognized Palestine as independent and occupied state.

Hell, when i saw those new laws against boycott of Israel in the USA, country which was made on boycott... Oh, you get the picture.

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Exactly, it seems like everything is poised for the transfer from West to East, from both sides of the spectrum (that is to say, the USA seems to be working towards this goal as well, while it means they have to forfit their position of power). Which isnt all that illogical given the highly plausible scenario that the ones dictating this - as well as US strategic policies - have no loyalty to the USA what so ever, or the West for that matter.


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