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Still Waters

Humans aren’t designed to be happy

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13 minutes ago, LightAngel said:

I think both love and pain is needed to create a strong and whole person.

Now that I can agree with. :)

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Xavier Perez-Pons
On 10/11/2019 at 8:33 PM, OverSword said:

I recently heard a podcast detailing what a nightmare the different types and levels of OCD can be.  It's amazing how crippling it can be and how good at keeping it a secret sufferers are.

Congrats on the award :tu:

This is something that all the ancient sages without exception agree with: WE ARE NOT IN THIS WORLD TO BE HAPPY. WE ARE HERE TO LEARN. And unfortunately, it is the case that there is no learning without suffering. Seen from our worldly point of view, every wound that life inflicts on us weakens us. But from a higher perspective (which of course is difficult to adopt when the wounds have not yet healed), it makes us stronger. I say "strong" not in the literal sense of the word. I mean that each wound is like a lesson that makes us wiser. In the spiritual dimension from which we proceed and to which we are destined, learning is theoretically so to speak. But to really learn something, you have to go through it, you have to put it into practice. And this can only be done in a dimension in which suffering is not only possible but inevitable: the material world. This is why we descend from the spiritual world to the material over and over again. In the same way, a child has a great time at home, but to learn he must make the sacrifice of getting up early in the morning and going to school. And this until the time of graduation. What you see now as wounds that make you stagger, are actually lessons, hard to learn certainly, but that make you wiser. If you suffer violence, your soul will internalize that violence is negative. If a friend cheats you, you will learn that cheating is negative. If you suffer hardships without others doing anything to alleviate them, you will learn that one have to be generous and compassionate. If people reject or discriminate against you for whatever reason (ugliness, sexual orientation, race, religion ...), you will learn that you have to accept (not tolerate: accept) the other, even if the other is different. Perhaps when you suffer all this, your most immediate feelings are of rancor and anger, and what you feel is the desire for revenge. But these lessons are like unfermented bread dough. Leave it to rise! If you are a good student, in your soul you learned the lesson, and that lesson will ferment, and in successive lives you will know that violence, intolerance, anger, betrayal ... in short, anything that can cause pain to others It is something negative that goes against our true essence, which is love.main-qimg-6e86084f7e379f9dd1c3dab0e05999c1

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