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What is information?

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16 hours ago, South Alabam said:

That's another great example. It is information, acknowledged by some and unacknowledged by others. It could be percieved as potential information but until cracked is useless.

Okay, I think we both agree that acknowledgement is obviously an important factor in managing information.  The point I want to make is that I think acknowledgement is less important than understanding that information.  How can one acknowledge what one can't understand or perceive?  Yet, things that one hasn't understood or perceived can still constitute information.  To be pedantic for a moment to explain the process... first you perceive the information (which may just be noise i.e. not meaningful).  Second you understand the information, which is defined as discovering that there is meaning present in the information.  Third you acknowledge that meaning in the information, turining it into knowledge, because you now (ac)-know-(ledge) it.  Of course it is possible for humans to miss one or more of these steps, and miss the meaningful information in the "noise", but that doesn't mean the meaning isn't there, merely that it hasn't been detected i.e. "understood". 

Within the signal to noise ratio diagram there are 4 outcomes... Correct identification of signal.  Correct identification of no signal, i.e. meaningless noise.  False identification of signal (also called a False positive) l i.e. mistaking noise for information.  And False identification of noise (also called a False negative), where the mistake is seeing only noise where in fact there was meaningful information.  It is quite easy to misidentify noise as a signal, or signal as noise.  This raises the next conundrum... When you acknowledge something that carries no information as having meaning...

An example of which would be the "music" of Taylor SwiftB).

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