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Methods to wake up during distressing dreams.

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22 hours ago, Timothy said:

Want to go camping/fishing some time mate? Drop the rum and we'll work it out.

If its a legit offer for fishing I'm in,but it does sound kind of "Brokebackish".LOL.

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Mr Walker
On 8/9/2019 at 10:37 PM, Timothy said:

I have wild and vivid dreams almost every night.

They’re influenced by my personal life, work, the video games I play, and what I watch, mental state etc. 

Things I’m experiencing in real life will generally manifest in my dreams. 

If I’m trying to achieve something and I can’t; for whatever reason, generally I have dreams that I want to surf but won’t be able to enter the water, or won’t have my gear, or I’m in the water and can’t catch a wave. 

Basically anything I experience in real life will readily manifest in dreams, whether actual representations of real-life, or whether complete mental fabrications based on anything I’ve ever conceived, or that my subconscious can conjure. Faces I have seen and can recognise, family etc. Or completely unfamiliar and abstract things. 

It’s generally extremely enjoyable. 

But sometimes it’s hard to distinguish whether  it’s real. 

(I got swallowed by a giant pair of pants once, while trying to run past on the lawn. The rest of the family made it past, I was last and didn’t dodge well. Lol! I got eaten alive by a 6 foot tall pair of pants!)

Most dreams are satisfying and entertaining, even if on cataclysmic level, disaster level event stuff. Lol. Generally usually satisfying and vivid. I can generally run checks when they become too bizarre, so I run the checks and identify that it is a dream. Then  I have control or can wake up. 

So, a little bit of digression, but my method is this: 

My mind will identity that the dream is too bizarre, and getting out of the realm of reality. 

So then I will run checks in the dream to determine if it’s real or not, asking people if it’s a dream is one of the checks. (Some dreams I can’t work out until I wake up)

And then: I simply close my eyes tight within the dream, and I wake up in real life. That’s it.

Please post your methods! It will help people. 

I never seek to wake up but to take control of the dream and shape it into an adventure 

Because I always know when i am dreaming, and know that dreams cannot hurt you, I can not be scared or hurt in a dream

For me the interesting thing is analysing and working out what it is in my life or mind which prompts the original dream  

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Mr Walker
On 9/2/2019 at 11:54 AM, darkmoonlady said:

Not that I know of only personal experience. I have health issues so I've been under general anesthesia more than the average person. The worst was the stuff they gave me for a colonoscopy, I think propofol. I came home fell asleep and had the worst nightmare of robed women kneeling in a circle in my apartment and then the room started spinning and they slowly opened their mouths as they tilted back their heads which became this piercing scream and they had little sharp needle like teeth. I couldn't get out of it but finally "woke up" to a waking hallucination of what could best be described as an animated scribble (kind of like the old Nickelodeon logo) and that took what seemed like forever to go away and I'm laying there freaking out. My lucid brain was telling me whoa ok hospital drugs this will go away but I was freaked out. Next night slept fine no nightmares, didn't have another for years. I think I save up all my scary imagery and when I'm under drugs it just all comes out. I don't recommend it..lol

After my last heart surgery i was on some powerful painkillers and i had some really graphic nightmares where peole killed me in different ways  eg by setting me on fire and cutting me in half.

I knew the y were dreams and that I wasn't  in any real danger but they were graphic and unpleasant .   However I was able to use a mental technique to overcome them.

On going to sleep I created a hedged garden  with a gate into it  By slowly  forcing my mind to enter the gate rather than remain outside,  i cleared my subconscious of the causes of the dream,  which couldnt get to me inside the gated garden constructed as a mental defence against them   

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The answers is don't let yourself go into rem sleep. Though some of my best dreams were in rem.  I dreamed I was the pilot of the Millenium Falcon and never wanted to wake up.

Most of my dreams are at a previous job and I swear I do not want to do any working in my sleep. I have noticed if you stay up as long as you can you will not hit rem sleep... but only the average I can't remember dreams which are the most restful. Also sleep on your side.. if you hit flat on your back you're going to hit rem.

I love my video game dreams but not the ISIS battles. Oh my gawd Jihadist are nuts.

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