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Saratoga County's shuttered asylum for sale

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PROVIDENCE – Are you looking for a spacious, secluded getaway surrounded by a pristine forest? Saratoga County has a place for you.

County officials are encouraging the public to bid in the online auction for the Saratoga County Homestead. As it stands now, the highest bid on the Auctions International website is $30,100 for the two-building property on 28.61 acres that is assessed at $224,194.




After falling into disrepair after years of abandonment, a former hospital in Saratoga County will now go to the highest bidder.

For sale: a sprawling two-story former tuberculosis sanatorium on 28 acres in rural Saratoga County.

The building known as the Homestead Infirmary in the town of Providence was shuttered in 1973. The county sold the hospital in 1982, but it went unoccupied and attracted vandalism and looters.

Over the years, the building also developed its own mythology: that it was an insane asylum, that it’s haunted.



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I liked it a lot until i saw that its basically a totaled mess, the draw these type places have for me is unmolested history, like the business license in my basement thats been their since the 40s, phone numbers and notes jotted on the office walks in the 40s.

some parts of my jount have sadly been molested but some is a wonderful time capsule, sure, it was claimed to be haunted but sadly ive seen nothing to back up those claims, 

i was super flattered when one of the guys who delivered our refrigerator took a breather in the front foyer and asked me, so, is this like a haunted bed and breakfast?

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