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UFO caught on camera over Jackson, Wyoming


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5 hours ago, the13bats said:

did i miss some actually useful better version of the op video?

Where the heck you been?  I miss that pawing of yours LOL

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2 hours ago, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

Where the heck you been?  I miss that pawing of yours LOL

Iits been just health and real life hobby interests,  trying to dodge our over 100 degree heat index etc, plus i would like to post a bit differently than i have been, but thanks for asking, have a good one.

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On 8/27/2019 at 11:56 PM, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

I figured the speed to be about 60 mph

Please show your calculations and assumptions*.  Here's your chance to shine and make me apologise!

* Hint, there's at least one major issue with this being a .. you know ... 2D image with very large depth of field.   But you must know that if you worked out a probable speed, so go ahead, show your maths.

If you'd rather pass, that's fine (and probably wise) - then I'll do it.  Just for others' future reference and to explain the issues in detail.  So others won't make similar unjustified guesses.


Either way, as far as I am concerned, this case is O-V-A over!  

While I don't agree with your conclusions and how you got to them, we do agree that it was over.  Before it began.

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