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Still Waters

Call to protect unique mammoth graveyard

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Still Waters

Yunyugen mammoth graveyard in the northe of Yakutia is paleontological world treasure site with multiple remains of mammoths, woolly rhinos, Pleistocene era bisons and deers kept in perfect condition in permafrost.

This is where these prehistoric animals - many now extinct - came to die. 

The unique site on the Yana River above the Polar circle was discovered at the turn of the 20th century by Arctic explorer Baron Eduard von Toll.

Some skulls are so well-preserved they still have skin on them, while ancient antlers display outer velvet covering.

‘This level of preservation is unheard of in most of Eurasia, and this is what became the site’s curse because dozens of bone hunting brigades flock here every summer with their pumps.


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The Sakha (Yakuts) need to see the heritage it is and really step forward. 

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