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Weitter Duckss

Report: White dwarfs is small stars

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Weitter Duckss
9 hours ago, bmk1245 said:

Show any main sequence star with density over 10 kg/cm3 

Your math has incorrect inputs. See also why: 150 g/cm3 —› 15.7 million kelvins 


Main article: Solar core

The core of the Sun extends from the center to about 20–25% of the solar radius.[65] It has a density of up to 150 g/cm3[66][67] (about 150 times the density of water) and a temperature of close to 15.7 million kelvins (K).[67]

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Weitter Duckss

RR-2019/1158 International Journal of Physics and Astronomy

Reviewer – 1 and Reviewer – 2 (identically)

Evaluation Criteria Yes No

The paper makes original contribution √

The papers is well organized √

Author Guidelines has been followed properly in preparing the manuscript √

The paper is based on sound methodology √

Literature review is adequate √ Analysis and findings support objectives of the paper √

Decision regarding the paper

(*) Accept the paper in its current format

( ) Accept the paper with the minor changes

( ) Resubmit with the major changes

( ) Decline the submission


Comments and Suggestions

The research topic is quite interesting. There is a good consistency in the paper. It follows the basic principles of a good research. No mentionable flaw has been found in the paper. I would like to recommend this paper to publish based on other editorial considerations.

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