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Childhood Toys - Odd Imagination?

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When I was a child (and a teenager) I never played with toys and games in the traditional manner.  Is this common and what compels us to act this way at such a young age? e.g.


- Action figures - I enjoyed putting the figures back in their packets and re-sealing them, and repeating the process.  I also used to put them in position and instead of holding or waving them about and playing out scenes with them, I would just sit back and just stare at them and imagine an entire story without actually moving them.

- Toy cars - I liked to destroy them the moment I took them out of the box.  e.g.  Ripping off the tires, crushing them with a vice.  Sometimes I liked to slowly bury them with sand or similar powder material and pretend the years were going by and the car was slowly being buried as the years and centuries went by.

- Lego bricks - I hated to see the Lego unassembled in bags.  I wanted to play with the finished product on the box and not have to assemble it.  My family would assemble it the night before and present the present assembled and ready to play.  It wasn't long before I switched to Playmobil because it required little assembly to play and was more affordable.

- When I was 15 years old I was kind of addicted to playing video games, and one day that year I looked inside my toy chest and everything inside strangely looked foreign to me.  I suddenly had no emotional connection and no desire to keep any of my toys and I threw them all in the trash that day.  Often wonder what compelled me to do that.  I'm sure some of them were quite collectible.



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