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Atom - A Scientific Journey

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Some here are very skeptical about science, and it's often changing conclusions. Wondering how science can determine all the things it claims to know. To see the unseeable and go back in time before the Earth existed.

This documentary mini-series explains how science works. How we discovered the interior of the atom, and how we arrived at the big bang theory. But it does it in a simple manner, that allows for all to grasp it, using examples all can understand. And it takes a human angle, showing the trial, errors and conflicts of the men we almost consider geniuses today, the pioneering scientists.


Atom part 1 - Clash of Titans - Duration: 49:43


Atom part 2 - The Key to the Cosmos - Duration: 49:38


Atom part 3 - The Illusion of Reality - Duration: 48:50


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