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Magical L

L's Poems

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Magical L

Two Souls

Darkness slowly falls,

beyond the deep shadows monsters calls

She could hear the sound of a heart breaking,

the earth was almost shaking

The tears falling through the walls of pain,

trying to see through the endless rain

Everything she knew was lies,

a part of her slowly dies

The stars filled the midnight sky,

allowing her to think why

There's no answer anywhere near,

maybe everywhere but here

No light will light her way,

no one comes with the right words to say

Someone reaches out a hand for her to hold,

pulling her through the cold

It's almost as if there's no fear,

becasue she is here

Through the darkest night,

to where angels shines their light

A place where pain fades away,

where night turns to day

Two souls bound together,

who will love each other forever

I Need You

Like every summer needs a june

Like every sky demands a moon

Like the day needs its night

Like every ray creates the light

Like the fire needs its flame

Like the river needs its rain

Like the air that I breath,

like the love that runs underneith

Like my heart whispers so true

Thats how much I need you


Walking the road to nowhere,

ghosts haunting her everywhere

Death following her steps

wherever she goes

she lived her life like a rose

Touched by the beauty of love,

I got to borrow an angel from above

Like thorns she built walls of protection

she never knew they could break

by the power of affection


Yet more beautiful then the rarest rose,

eyes deeper than where the water flows

Hair darker than the midnight sky,

she could expose every single lie

Moonlight painting colours in the sea,

I knew that she could feel me

She coulored the secrets of my soul,

making me whole

The punishment for me to see

is how she drowned herself in front of me

Not doing anything at all,

I was the ghost who saw her fall

Dark Will Be Light

In a world of perfection

Our planet would never burn,

we could learn

I could travel to the magical moon,

you wouldn’t leave the planet soon

No one would ever cry

No one would have to die

No one would ever be lonely

Tears would never fall

Where people only love each other,

like my sister and your brother

No wars to fight

Dark will be light


There is a place that only exists for you and me,

for no one else to see

Like an emotion that forever lingers here,

like an angel you are standing near

There is a time that is only now and here,

so full of magic following us everywhere

Where we walk

When we talk

It takes a lot to smile when the tears go by,

no one can deny

Through the darkest night there's a ray,

coming through in every way

It will forever shine on you, can you see

You are the only one who can shine for me


You've touched something inside of me,

it goes deeper than the endless sea

Higher than the steepest mountain,

more everlasting than the endless ocean

With more coulors than the rainbow.


Through fire and ice,

just to look into your eyes

Across the planet if I had the choice,

just to hear your voice

For all the money in the world,

just to see my homegirl

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