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Still Waters

Man spends £30,000 fighting £100 fine

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Still Waters

A man spent £30,000 of his savings on a failed legal battle "for justice" over a £100 speeding fine.

Richard Keedwell, 71, said a "seriously flawed" legal system meant fighting the fine had taken nearly three years and used up his sons' inheritance money.

He claims he was wrongly clocked doing 35mph in a 30mph zone on a day trip to Worcester in 2016.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the case involved a "multiplicity of issues" which added to its length.


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wow, pretty stupid move,  he basically refused to plea,   i can see how it can complicate issues, then it can lead to license suspension, that cost a lot more to reinstate, or a registration suspension, if it is a camera ticket..........  should have checked not guilty, see a judge and clam, speedometer  inaccuracy  which is pretty reasonable for 5mph.   he'd have much better chance with judge than writing bs on a ticket

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In US currency that's only $123. 59. I say just pay the fine because he l lost way more money then he would have if he had just paid it. What a dunderhead.

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