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House With Body Count of 7

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My family bought whats now my house in 1971. 

While my mom & the realtor went through for the final inspection, the owner told me she killed her father, mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband. She made them look like accidents, medication mix-up or natural deaths.

That's 5 murdered bodies on the house. She didn't use her husband's name and I've not been able to find his name or to verify if anyone was found dead in the house before we bought it.

Then there's my stepfather and my grandfather whom both passed peacefully in their sleep. Their hearts just stopped. My stepfather's was expected-he'd had a quadruple by-pass some 15-20 years earlier and people were only living 10-12 on average after having that. My grandfather was 102 years old-also not unexpected at that age. 

Keys like to go missing--sometimes a few hours sometimes months. Same for jewelry. Once in great long time-like once every 60-90 days IF my hair is in a braid or ponytail-never when loose, I'll feel one friendly light little tug on it as my grandfather would do when alive.   

My 29 year old cat also recently passed. She too went peacefully in sleep, on the 28th of June at 19:28. The same date and time my husband was murdered in North Carolina in 2004. 

Now her I feel around me all the time-she still jumps on the bed & bumps me with her head then curls up by my legs or feet. She'll also bump my face to wake me or to be petted, while kneeding my chest. If she still drools I can no longer feel it dripping on me.  

Other than those 3 things and my cat I've not experienced anything in the house, garage or grounds. 

The realtor said only deaths on the last 3 years had to be reported. Which then they HAD to ask if you knew of any other death's on the property.

I thought both California and Federal laws said you had to disclose ALL death's you knew of since 1987 or 1992. 

Does anyone KNOW the correct answer to telling possible buyers about the body count ? 

Or how much lower houses with body's go for in comparison to those around them having no body's ? I'm guessing 15-30% less or more ? 

When we went to move in the lady was still in the house, though all her stuff was gone. Mom called the police at a payphone, we waited in the car for a long time, when she left, she was handcuffed to a gurney and taken away by ambulance. The police found her with a large butcher knife. 

Any ideas on how to market my house ? Or how to get a neighborhood equal price offer ?

Thank You for the advice in advance.

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You're asking kooky questions.


The anwser is don't telling anyone its haunted.

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How old were you in 1971? Did you tell anyone at the time that this lady confessed murders to you?

You have no proof of any murders so there is nothing to disclose. 

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