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Money Market problems

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They are losing control of interest rates. When the money dries up rates will increase and the Fed is trying to ease so they had to react by dumping free money into the money markets which is a form of inflation..

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Raptor Witness

I have argued before, and now I’ll argue again here, if you cannot get a reasonable return for holding a national currency or you’re getting a negative return, then that currency is already worthless.  It’s a very simple truth and simple way of looking at where we really are. “Big trouble” doesn’t even come close in adjective terms, to explaining it . “The end of the game” is a much fairer assessment of the present situation.

Donald Trump and his zombie businesses, which don’t really make any money are good examples of this. He either blatantly steals from poor, hard-working people, by picking up poorly conceived real estate projects, and then failing to pay the contractors that have already done most of the work, or he borrows from banks which are playing with reserves that aren’t even real, because the currency supporting them isn’t real.  It’s a silly shell game that cannot endure without a fictional reserve system.

It also seems very strange to me how this OP story is being downplayed as some sort of market place error, which shouldn’t have happened due to unusually large tax payments. Perhaps this is related more to the tariffs, but no one is saying that.

This is what happens when too much money falls into too few hands. It’s like a game of Monopoly, where someone wins, and someone loses, it’s really that simple. The Federal Reserve has extended the game for all players by massively inflating the value of the game itself, but that won’t last very long. The game will eventually end, with the normal winner and losers, and it’s going to end very badly for most of U.S. Someone has to start the game all over again, by giving everybody an equal amount of money. That is the only way the game begins again, and it’s high time that people woke up to this truth.

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