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Boston Dynamics' Spot robot goes up for sale


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Pretty cool but he has no mouth. How will he protect me or bark when someone is knocking? Also when he jumps on the bed he'll probably puncture my water bed & cause a flood.

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It better be programmed to pick up it's own used batteries... 


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It's cool but I'm wondering what the average company is supposed to do with it beyond showing it off like a toy.

And how do you program it? Is it user friendly or do you need a dedicated code monkey to make it do anything useful?

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Perfect timing for hallowe'en! Throw a sheet over that thing, put a lighted jack o'lantern on its back, and have it lurch through the neighborhood. That'll creep people out...

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Now that's a good but expensive puppy. ;) Have been checking out Spot's evolution during all these years. The robots at the end of 21st century will be amazing! Of course if mankind just doesn't wipe itself out before that. Or get back to the stone age by the aftermath of World War III or something like that, if complete extinction is avoided? Just had to include this video, even it has nothing to do with the subject - it's from the finest Finnish thrash metal band there has ever been, Stone:


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